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Wireless irrigation, redefined.

An increasing number of irrigation contractors and horticultural growers in the US choose Reservoir as their partner for wireless irrigation control. 

Our flagship product Spoke™ lets you add, repair, and remotely control irrigation zones without running any wire.

Whether you manage irrigation on a twenty-acre campus or a two-hundred-acre tree farm, we understand the importance of finishing work ahead of schedule. That’s why we offer a solution to dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend installing, retrofitting, and manually watering.

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No trenching/boring

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No wires to cut

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Safe from lightning

“Spoke is a game changer. A lot of other products talk about being wireless, meaning that you have remote access to the controller, but from the controller to the valves there’s still wire. With Spoke there are no wires; your smart device is the controller. If I can install irrigation systems and not have to run wire, that’s black magic.”

Jay Stephens, President of Davis Landscape (Atlanta, GA)

How it Works

Our cutting-edge, wireless irrigation-control system utilizes your smartphone, the internet, and LoRa-radio technology to operate valves >4,000’ away from a centrally-located gateway (non-line-of-sight).

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Case Study

Proven wireless range of 4,200’ including through 1,180’ of dense forest

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Competitive Advantage

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Required Hardware

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Solutions We Provide:

  • Consultation. We understand that each project is unique; new installations and retrofits can range from straightforward to complex. We're here to help you select tools that will best fit your financial and operational objectives. 

  • Hardware & Software. Based on your specific needs, we provide you with a tailored solution that includes both proprietary and off-the-shelf hardware and software. 

  • Ongoing Support. We recognize that projects and needs often evolve. That's why we offer support at every step — throughout planning, design, construction, and maintenance.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about our technology, including to request spec sheets and a quote.

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Our mission is to put you ahead of the game, increasing your productivity and margins and letting you focus on your core activities. Whether you’re a local or a national player, Reservoir is here to support you with Smarter Irrigation.

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